Erika Brown is a cannabis industry copywriter who pairs her ingenuity and experience with your personalized business needs to create amazing marketing and communication products.

What is a copywriter? Why do I need one to improve my business?

The term “copy” refers to writing geared at influencing the reader to take actions, such as purchase a product or sway opinion. A copywriter uses words as a medium for sales and  informational purposes.

A copywriter can produce a myriad of marketing products for your company including brochure content, speeches, trade articles, white papers, ghostwriting, business letters, video scripts, newsletters, technical writing, and so much more! As your own personal copywriter, Erika can work on all the products your company needs to advertise, market, and communicate – all while freeing up your own time to focus on other vital business operations.

And a copywriter doesn’t need to be just for business to consumer products.  Use Erika to create internal business documents, communications, and identity pieces!  Anything you need, Erika can provide it! See Erika’s portfolio for some examples of her work. Check out the portfolio.

Why choose Erika?

Erika graduated as a member of the inaugural Masters of Science in Medical Cannabis Science and Therapeutics program from the University of Maryland Baltimore School of Pharmacy in May 2021. This is a unique program that is the first of its kind at the masters level in the United States.

She is a former military officer with 17+ years experience writing briefings, speeches, reports, and articles for the highest ranks of the Pentagon. From having her finger on the button of nuclear weapons in North Dakota to working with the Romanian government on acquisition of fighter jets, Erika has the experience, gumption, and ingenuity to produce top tier results every time! Read more about Erika.

What will this cost me?

Not as much as you think! Because Erika works on a freelance basis, she can write as much or as little as your business needs! Plus, with low overhead costs, she can provide you with excellent products, all while freeing up your time to concentrate on other aspects of your business. Contact her today for a free quote on your next project! Contact Form.